Celebrity Round-up: Lindsey's Free, Jessica's Short and Alicia Pre-Chews Food

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by Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Round-up: Fun-size Celeb News You Can Use

CamilleYesterday was "freedom day" for Lindsey Lohan. She was released from formal probation. The judge admonished her to stay out of trouble this time. She demurely thanked the judge for everything as it has "opened doors" for her (again) and left the courthouse ready for her new life. We were so busy celebrating that we almost forgot to write our column but never fear, we're here!

In Jessica Simpson news, we remain on bump watch. She went to Palm Springs last week to see friends which caused quite a panic by some since that put her about an hour away from her doctors. *Gasp* but all was well. Although she claimed she would never give up her stilletos, Jessica has finally cried "uncle" and stepped off those high heels. We couldn't believe she lasted so long! So she is now respectably short and we are positive, much more comfy!

In "keeping it classy" news, Camille Grammer will not return to the land of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" next season. There are conflicting stories as to whether she quit, they couldn't come to terms with Bravo, or she was fired. There seems to be little disagreement that her graceful presence will be missed. While overall fan sentiment was against her the first season, she seems to have gained great favor with most viewers following her public divorce and custody battle with infamous ex, Kelsey and came into her own.

In "just in case you haven't heard this" news (and you must have since I just know you read all of our blogs, including yesterday's), Alicia Silverstone of "Clueless" fame may be just that. Clueless about ickyness. Apparently, she feeds her baby food from her mouth to her 11-month-old baby's -- after she has chewed it, of course -- safety first! It probably doesn't take a genius to know that all kinds of germs, bacteria and viruses can be transmitted this way. What's wrong with a food processor?

In "The Bachelor" news (yes, we know the season's over but it isn't really over until there is a wedding -- we're laughing, too), Ben and Courtney have moved in together! How long do you give them? A month, 6 months? Oh, I forgot to throw in that there have been photograhs recently printed of Ben kissing other women when he's out about town. On the other hand, Courtney, being a mean girl and all, who knows? It could be a match made in heaven!

We will stay on Jessica bump watch for you -- until next week!

What's your favorite bit of celeb news this week?

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