Celebrity Round-up: Snooki's Snookette, Jessica's Nude Shoot, and The Bachelor

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by Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Round-up: Fun-size Celeb News You Can Use

The celebrity round-up gives you the weekly news you can't live without -- in a neat little package. Find out what's going on this week!

SnookiLast week, we reported that Snooki had lied about being pregnant. Oops! In a day where the rumor mill kept going back and forth, our sources landed on the "no she's not" side. Well, we apologize -- Snooki's expecting a Snookette and she's engaged. We assume it's to the baby daddy. Congrats!

Jessica Simpson's been added to the list of celebrities who can make us feel like mere mortals. She decided to pose nude for Elle magazine, very roundly pregnant (of course she looks fabulous). She also revealed to the magazine that her Spring baby is a girl. We told you so last week! Being seen about town shopping for pink baby clothes was a pretty good giveaway.

In one of the most tragic retirements in Hollywood history, Ashley Olsen, of the infamous Olsen twins, has announced that she will retire from acting. Known for her roles as one of the twins on "Full House" in the 80's, and the blockbuster shows "Two of a Kind" and "Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action," Ashley told US Weekly that she will never act again. We wish her the best in her other, multi-million dollar ventures and hope that the void she leaves behind can be filled by her sister. It won't be easy -- good luck Mary-Kate.

In exciting "about-town" news, Nicole Kidman and family visited Los Angeles and had a great time. Yep. We don't know where they went or what they did but we do know they came, had fun, and went home again.

In "The Bachelor" news, Denver quarterback Tim Tebow, the chaste NFL player who recently broke bread with Taylor Swift (they are just "friends", btw), squashed rumors that he would be the next "bachelor." He says he would not be interested in doing the show. There. We were on pins and needles.

In "thanks for sharing" news, Emma Stone tells England's "S" magazine that she hasn't worked out in a month and doesn't care. Oh my, a whole month! Naturally, she still looks terrific. In keeping with our policy in these types of matters, we are not sharing her picture.

In Kardashian news -- Khloe is pregnant, or is she? Her marriage to Lamar is either in trouble...or they're blissfully wed for two years now. We aren't really sure of any of this because Kardashian news is like a passing wind. We have found out that she never did like Kris Humphries, as she told Jay Leno this week. Of course, anyone who saw any of last season's "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" show could have told you that!

Our last bit of celeb hub-bub is in the "need to know" news. Newlyweds Nikki Taylor and Paul McDonald adopted a new dog. Woof! They shared this news with "WhoSay" saying that their dog, Enzo, had waited a long time for a companion. The new dog's name has not been revealed. We'll stay on top of this terribly exciting news.

What tops your favorite celeb news this week? Discuss!

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