Clomid Success Stories

My hus and I decided to start TTC early this year. Went off BC after 2 years and started to suffer from post pill amenohrrea. I have never had any issues with PCOS and all labs came back normal. After 3 months and no AF went to GYN. Was prescribed provera which induced AF. We waited for O but was unsuccessful after 26 days so made an appointment for clomid. We ended up getting O the day (cd28) I filled my prescription so I did not take it. Two weeks later had a light period and then no O the next month. After 6 months of no natural AF we decided to give Clomid a try (cd 3-7) followed by estradiol (cd 7-12). We are currently waiting for the O, trying every other day or so. Wondering if anyone has had success stories with clomid and not had significant issues with their cycle before. If so what day did you ovulate and after how many rounds?

We are frustrated because everyone said the post pill amenohrrea would end by 3 months and its been 6 months.