Colicky preemie brings Mom to her wit's end!

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Today has been a trying day. My baby turned 3 months old yesterday, but is 5 weeks gestationally. He was born at 32 weeks. Parenting a preemie (and first baby) has been a lot more challenging than I anticipated. A little bit after his due date, he started showing signs of colic. The screaming and near constant crying really gets to me. I decided to take the year off from work, which means I am home full-time with this little bundle of "joy". We spend a lot of time walking- every day for about an hour. This helps keep my sanity, get some exercise, and relaxes my baby for a nap.

What has become extremely frustrating to me, however, is that I really want to get into a more consistent routine with bedtimes, nap times, feeding times, etc, but this is so hard when I cannot predict his behavior during the day. I have so many questions. How is sleeping through the night different with preemies, how many naps, when will the crying stop, should I really forgo the dairy, ????

By a miracle of God, my baby is now napping. A late afternoon nap is so very rare- I can hardly believe it. Usually by this time he has worked himself up so much that he is in the bjorn (which really hurts my neck).

Today to escape the crying (had already been on a walk), we "walked" at Costco and enjoyed some free samples.

I am praying for endurance and really looking forward to some happy awake time from this little guy. He's so cute and peaceful when he sleeps...