Company Offers to Name Your Baby for One Thousand Dollars

by Cassandra R. Elias

In the Spotlight: Groupon Offers Baby Naming Service for a Price

Groupon AdStruggling with what to name your baby? Groupon comes to the rescue! For a mere $1,000, they'll name your baby. The name won't be randomly selected nor will there be some drawn out selection process. Your baby's name will be "Clembough." Confused? Us, too.

Groupon describes the name as a "moniker for the ages." The offer reads as follows: "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but a baby that isn't named by Groupon smells like missed opportunity. All too often, the importance of a child's name takes a backseat to other 'needs' such as food, shelter, and clothing. Groupon, the World's Foremost Authority in Baby Naming™, has stepped up to address this issue."

In the fine print, you'll find the following caveat: "No substitutes or modifications. Spelling non-negotiable. Any attempt to name your child 'Clembough' independent of this exclusive Groupon offer will be recognized by the world as a cheap imitation."

There was media speculation about whether this "deal" was a publicity stunt in front of Father's Day, but Groupon quickly responded that it isn't.

In response to a user's question on their Q&A section, a Groupon copywriter wrote, apparently in the company's standard tongue-in-cheek manner, "This is the most serious deal that Groupon has ever seriously run in its serious history."

Furthermore, Groupon has announced that at least one person has accepted the offer. Spokesperson Julie Mossler said, "To anyone who follows Groupon, it's evident that these deals are a part of our quirky personality, which is why our subscribers love us."

What do you think? Is this offer serious? Is there any circumstance under which you would pay someone to name your child for you?

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