Concieved the day after I had paragard taken out

On tuesday october 21. 2009 I got my paragard taken out. THe next day I was ovulating and had US. My husband said: "do you think that was the golden shot" and I replied 'no that is rather unlikely'. I had read, that usually after paragard the uterus lining needs to recover and woman should go through one full cycle before becoming pregnant so the fertilized egg can actually plant in.

The following saturday (oct. 25th) I felt weird. I have to say my body reacts very harsh on just the smalles hormonal changes which is why I do not tolarate mirena. I started to consider being pregnant even though I knew it was way to early. Sunday every time when we stood up for a son in church I would have to sit back down and thought I was passing out. The following days I started to get really sick in the mornings which subsided during the day just to come back in the afternoon. My breasts were very tender and I had rashes (?). Pretty much 5-6 days after I tought I had conceived I had uterus cramps which felt different than my usual PMS cramps. I googled around a little just to find out that that could be implanting cramps. I took a pregnancy test because my husband could not wait and was - as I expected - negativ. I waited five more days and tested again with a digital one to be super sure and voila ... not a minute later I had a nice +yes.

Today, 17 days after conception, I am not really sick anymore nor dizzy. Just have to go to bathroom ALL THE TIME, am SO thirsty and SO tired. I will wait another week and schedule an appointment with my obgyn.