so.. i went to the drs on wednesday to confirm the pregnancy. she was a very blunt and actually rude lady. I told my partner that if she is still that way when i go to my first actual prenatal appt then i am going to say screw it and plan my appts around my daughters weekends with her dad so that i can go back to my old dr in pa. the worst part about it is she didnt bother to look at my other complaints... just prescribed stuff for what it sounded like i was describing. i thought i was just having a really bad case of fissures (which i had been prone to after my first child) but it turns out when i went to a dr today who actually examined me... i have hemmeroids (sp). my god is it painful! so many things that i am dealing with in this pregnancy that i never ever dealt with in the first! in my first the only thing i had to deal with was migraines and heartburn. im only 6 weeks into this pregnancy and im already dealing with the full book of pregnancy problems. I have had really bad morning sickness, hemmeroids, migraines, circulation issues, and im sure the list can get longer. the other day my partner turned to me in bed when i was whining about this problem or that and just said.. im going to go thru a lot with this baby arent i? cuz this pregnancy is gonna be hell on you! at least he realises its not just him going thru this 'shit' lol. but im going to go before my head starts to pound anymore then it already is.