Confirmation Test Day!!!

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So it's a big fat positive.Just got the test today and my doctor looked at me like I was nuts.She gave me the hope it's a girl look.Wonder why that is....couldn't be because I have two boys already could it? Yes,I really want a girl.Maybe if I wear all pink and do some fancy rain dance I may get my way.Think it's a little late for that but never know miracles obviously happen.And my due date was off.Don't know why I wasn't thinking clearly but now I am due on the 22 of July!!!A Summer kid.It's exciting.My sister and best friend will be happy.Cancers,such mother hens.Hope for the 23 so I can have a Leo to add to our Libra filled house.Shake things up a little....LOL.So hope everyone is doing well and think PINK!!!!