confused and scared!!

Hi im Naomi im 23 years old, i found out i was pregnant last was unexpected as i had split with boyfriend. i used the clear blue test and it said i had concieved 1-2 weeks ago, on sunday i was in very bad cramps and light bleeding so i ended up in hospital for tests. i had a scan which showed nothin as it could be 2 early, but my bloods had been repeated in 2 days and they said my hormone levels are low, they had gone up but not to what they expect it to. im so scared and feel so alone... they are looking into ectopic pregnancy miscaraige etc...have to go back on friday for more bloods. I am all over the place i feel so confused and low!! Just wondered if anyone could give me any advice...

also they cant tell how far gone i am, as i havent had a period for 2 and half years due to contraceptive injection xxxx

someone please talk to me x