Confused & TTC

I am concerned and not ready to go see my doctor.
I had my period start and stop 3 times last month which is very unusual.
I have not had my period AT ALL this month (November).
I have had lots of lower back pain, cramping, moodiness, headaches, and vaginal pain.
The vaginal pain is an off and on thing, but when it hits its pretty bad.
I have pain during sex, which is not comfortable.
I had sex once last month.
I am concerned that something may be wrong or I might be pregnant.
Can someone give me some advice?
I plan on setting an appointment with my OBGYN if my period doesn't start by the end of the month.
I have VERY tender breasts to the point where I don't want to be touched or bumped.
Also, I have had pain in my sides that is unusual.
I noticed about 2 months ago that my hips are bothering me a lot.
I don't know if that has anything to do with pregnancy, but it is abnormal.
I went to the chiropractor awhile back and got adjusted, but the pain came back.
Any comments or suggestions would be helpful!