i'm 10 weeks about 2 be 11 2morrow but yes i am leaking creamy yellow stuff from my boobs and not sure if this is just a sign that i am no longer pregnant ?? but the other thing is i just been told i could have misscarried so really confushed am i just leaking due to my body getting rid of it or may there be a small chance my baby is ok ?????????

(more info)
the doctors said ied m/c i suffered 3 huge bleeds by the 3rd one they said there was no chance really that it could have survived as i had the bleeding between the last 2 days of april threw to may then had this last bleed 3 weeks ago was in real pain started as a cramp then i couldn't move anything huge amount of blood twice the amount of the last 2 bleeds .but the problem is they won't do a scan or text cuz they said even if i have m/c the test will still show im preg so they didn't wanna know and said i had to wait till the 27 i know thats not long but in my head im so confushed and feel that a day is like a year.