Cranky Preggo!

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Cranky Preggo

Before I begin, I do want to share that I AM very happy to be having this baby! He or she is extremely wanted and loved from the day we conceived (if not before.) (Yes dear -- I DO agree that was a REALLY good night!)

What I don't love however is my current stage of pregnancy. Since I'm currently carrying around the equivalent of a 35 lb. tire strapped on my front, I feel a bit entitled to gripe.

Right now, I am in the longest possible month of my life -- the last 30 days before my due date. I cannot wait to have this baby! I'm feeling like a beached whale that swallowed a school bus!

I can't tell you the exact moment when the whole "enchantment" thing wore off of this pregnancy. It was more like a compilation of "little" complaints that joined forces.

That "glow" gave way to exhaustion. My face has decided to charge carry-on fees for all the extra bags under my eyes.

The "second trimester sex drive" got lost on the way back from my mother-in-law's when she mentioned that this child was a "good start". (What? Are we building a collection?)

Energy? HA! I'm grateful to have enough 'oomph' to brush my teeth, pile on more deodorant and call it "good". (Ponytails are in vogue again right?)

It could be when I began "shaving blind" -- i.e. attempting to mow my legs in the shower without causing a profuse Niagara Falls with my own blood. (BTW, I gave up. It's winter time anyway. My doc doesn't care and my dh? He's wise enough NOT to mention it!)

I miss being able to sleep at night. I would say 'tossing and turning' but seriously? I'd need a crane with a gigantic spatula to pull that off! Instead, in addition to struggle to find a comfortable position, I've also had these moments where my legs literally felt on fire and so I naturally get up and turn on the a/c. (I did mention that it was winter here? Don't worry. My dh is ok with sleeping in a parka!)

I miss my Jacuzzi. It mocks me as I walk by... beckoning with its hot water just the way I LOVE it and bubbling jets ready to massage my aching back. I guess that I should bear in mind that it was exactly that steamy (candlelight) setting that got me IN this position in the first place!

I miss my ability to bend without feeling those pops and strains when I stand up that I SWEAR are whispering "Gotcha!" "Gotcha again!"

I have also already reached the stage of wanting to slap the next person that LOOKS at me (see "beached whale that swallowed a school bus!" comment)... and then ask "Did you have the baby yet?" or "Wow, you must be having triplets!" REALLY -- you went T-H-E-R-E??!? Are you certified insane?

I also am admittedly fed up with the expectant parent magazines portrayal of these perfect "bumps" parading around in long shirts and leggings (we do share the pony tail look! Woohoo!) Seriously, who looks that perfectly coiffed at 9 months and counting?

Yes, I admit that I'm cranky and I do hope that this stage does pass quickly. I'm certain that my husband, coworkers, family, friends, and the poor clerk at the grocery that made the mistake of asking "How was your day?" will be eternally grateful as well.

(Just wait 'til they meet me as "Zombie Mommy" of a newborn!!!)

What was (is!) your biggest irritant during these last days of pregnancy? Share it with me in the comments!