Crazy dreams

I had strange dreams right from day 1 post miscarriage. The first few dreams I attributed to the drugs they gave me in the hospital to ease the physical pain.
Day #1
I remember walking through a kelp forest (I know they are in the water, but it's my dream)but the leaves were a mixture of blood red and black. I didn't feel panicked or scared, I just felt nothing, I just walked and walked the whole duration of the dream.
Day #2
I found myself in a sunlight meadow and it was so beautiful.There was a grove of cypress trees close by but I was fixated on the flowers that surrounded me. As I got closer to the wildflowers the most beautiful butterflies I could imagine flew up into the sky. I had a butterfly net and was trying to catch one and it was so dis-hearting as I couldn't catch a single one. I remember being so upset and sad. I didn't catch one and woke up feeling full of loss all over again.
Day # 14
Last night I was in a hospital waiting room. The nurses were attending me and knew I was there to deliver my incomplete miscarried baby. The room gradually filled with other female patients and they were all chatting about their ailments. When it was my turn I actually endured labour and delivered a little 4 inch baby. The nurses told me it was a girl and I got to see my baby and say goodbye. After I woke up I still feel the pull and morning of loss and I don't think I've reconciled myself to the loss of the baby. With finding out what my subconscious guess of the gender I can identify the loss with more clarity but it feels like a fresh loss all over again as I really wanted a baby girl of my own.