Cute Kids Gone Adorably Wild!

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by Caitlyn Stace

In The Spotlight: Two-Year-Old's Jive Dancing Goes Viral

Cute kids go adorably wildThis little guy would do Elvis proud! Watch as he rocks out to "Jailhouse Rock." The King would likely crown him the "Prince."

The dapperly dressed dancer is William Stokkebroe and he can thank his parents, Kristina and Peter, for his dancing skills.

They own the dance studio, Studie43, at which this performance took place. However, there is no doubt that the charm and charisma is all his own.

Saving the best for last, not only does William attempt to sing the song, when the music stops, he dramatically bows to the audience, which has been clapping, laughing and cheering him on the entire time.

We love these cute moments our children bring. What has your little one done that is remarkably cute? Share it with us because we can't get enough of kids being adorable!

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