Cycle #4... here we go.

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So yet again I faced the disappointment of a period although it was a blessing in disguise because the due date would have be when I was starting school! So thank you Lord for being gracious in that respect. But now that that has passed I feel like I need to hurry up and wait. I know I need to be patient and let God be in control but I have that creeping feeling that something is a little off. Whether it's my frequent cramping or my husband's poorish diet I feel like we should be doing more to help ourselves so our desire for a baby with come to fruition. My diet is good, I'm doing everything "right" to get pregnant but I have always cramped a lot and it had become kind of normal and of course now I'm wondering if it may be effecting settling. I may try yoga and relaxation to calm things down but if it continues with no baby I may seek a midwifes opinion and a physical.