The Cycles

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So i have been tracking my cycles since I stopped taking my pills and here is what I got so far:

5-24 stopped pills
5-26 - 5-30 period
6-10 felt ovulation pain

6-24 - 6-28 period (29 day cycle)
didn't record ovulation pain

7-18 - 7-22 period (25 day cycle)
7-30 - 7-31 felt ovulation pain

8-13 - 8-17 period (27 day cycle)

A bit inconsistent eh? Not quite sure why I was so early with the 25 day cycle. But stress does tend to cause an early period for me, strangely the opposite of most peoples reaction to stress. I haven't been taking my vitamins (bad girl) and I don't have any reason other than I forget and I hate the taste. And I feel really fat right now cause I just ate a ton of mac and cheese. I have not been eating well at all and I feel bloated and gross. I need to detox before I take any passengers on board. Maybe a special prenatal detox is out there. I'll have to post what I find.