Damon the love of my life

I am so blessed and greatful for Damon. We have been married for 7 years this October 2nd but have been together since 1998! Sure we have had our ups and downs but who doesnt but Ill tell ya this pregnancy has made alot of changes to our realtionship. I think we are both so excited and just seem to be happier lately. He has been a life saver, if it werent for him our house would be a pit! He takes care of getting the laundry started and vaccuming and does alot of cleaning. I am trying to get better at getting things done too. I have really started to see a more admirable side of him, he loves me so much and this baby too! He talks, kisses, and touches my belly everyday! Every morning before he leaves to go to work he comes in and touches my belly and kisses me good bye. He is just simply amazing! I love him so much! This has really made me love him alot more and in a differnt way. I dont know how to really explain it besides that its a deeper love and a more real love. Its complicated to explain, just thinking of him makes my heart smile. Smile I love him so much!