Day After Missed

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Above all else, I hope against hope that I don't lose this...

So, this is the wee stage of pregnancy. Since 8/10, I've taken 5 tests. The first of which was pretty faint, but there was a line. Naturally, I was a bit scared/ I waited & took another the next day. Again, another line but not quite so faint. Needless to say, yesterday & today I've taken digital tests. Can't really argue w/a test that says "Pregnant" not once, but twice. Haven't made my appointment yet, but I imagine I will soon.

So far, I've felt kinda tired. My boobs definitely feel bigger/swollen and a little sore. I've had slight cramps, but I haven't determined if they're gas-related. I haven't succumb to morning sickness yet, though I have felt tiny bits of nausea. I'm just hoping that's all it will be & that I won't be throwing up all the time. The worst part so far is the waiting to tell everyone.