Deadbeat Dad Lured Home for Starring Movie Role

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In the Spotlight: Deadbeat Dad Lured Home to Pay Child Support

Deadbeat DadWe've all heard the adage, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is, but apparently this aspiring movie star-deadbeat dad didn't take it to heart.

Joshua Garlathy was way behind on his child support in Pennsylvania, where he owed over $43,000. He was absent from his child's life for 19 years. What did he do? Moved to Hawaii, where it's cost prohibitive for law enforcement to extradite law breakers.

This left the child's mother and her bounty hunter, Scott Bernstein in a quandary. How would they get this "dad" back to Pennsylvania?

Enter the starring role in a movie opposite Jennifer Aniston!

Bernstein contacted Garlathy on Facebook, under the guise of being a movie producer. He told Garlathy that one of his "talent scouts" had discovered him playing guitar in a café where he worked and wanted him to appear in a new movie opposite Jennifer Aniston called "Banished from Brooklyn."

Garlathy fell for it. Hook, line and sinker.

As soon as his plane landed, Garlathy was handcuffed, but he still got his "15 minutes." He was greeted by cameras at the airport -- but they were for a reality show about deadbeat parents!

Last week, after spending over a month in jail, he pleaded guilty for willful failure to pay child support. He previously paid $10,000 toward his debt and the judge put him on 90 days probation.

Bounty hunter Bernstein told the local paper, the Mail, "This guy thought he was going to be a star of motion pictures and change his life and the reverse happened. He was arrested on the plane in front of 250 people. He always wanted to be famous. Now, he's famous."

What do you think of this story? Do you think this was a clever ruse? Are you shocked he fell for it?