Well....this is my first blog entry. Things at my house are getting a little interesting and anxious-feeling. I guess you would need some background info to really know the story...I have really bad arthritis, ddd (Disc Degenerative Disease), and scoliosis for years...and I'm only 23. Its a progressive type issue and it will only get worse over time. And because of these conditions its having to speed up the when I will be able to have children. Me and my husband weren't planning on having babies for a few years, but the docs are saying with my condition that it will be very hard for me to carry, and miscarriages are very possible or promised.

My hubby has always known about my medical issues....and the docs have always told me that I can't wait more that 5 years to have kids...but the last year or so, going to the doctor, I have gotten nothing but bad news when it comes to being able to carry children. So now...I went to the doctors and got a progressive type X-Ray that can kind of predict in 3, 6, and 1 year increments what my body will look like with a pregnancy. (It has some fancy scientific name....but I don't remember it.)

And...its not good. Basically if I don't have a baby by next year late Fall, early winter....I won't be able to carry a child and miscarriage is for sure. My husband has always been supportive and there for me...I just don't want to rush things...but we VERY much want babies of our own.

We have discussed adoption and doing a surrogate, but those are very expensive. We are TTC now, and following advice from the doctors about best ways to conceive. Any ideas out there? I have been tracking my fertility and ovulation...but I just fear that I am stressing...and could ruin our chances.