Dear Stork

Dear Stork?

Could this be the month? I know that this is only my first month trying but I'm so hopeful. I had a chemical pregnancy last month which is what pretty much triggers me and my SO to start TTC. So far my nipples are still a bit sensitive and my breats are a little tender and swollen. I'm crampy and bloated and really tired. I'm supposed to start my period in less than a week and this whole waiting thing sucks.
I know I'm around 9-11 DPO so I could start test in a couple days but honestly I'm terrified. Since the last time when I got a false positive and went through all the happy dances and doctors appointments only to find out that I wasn't was the worst feeling ever, especially since I have a friend who found out she is pregnant around that same time. I want to take a HPT test so bad but I'm so scared to either see a BFN or get confused over a BFP. Who knew TTC would be so emotional? I guess I should have realized that lol.
I'm going to try and hold off until Dec. 8th to test so at that point my period will be later after that. (I should be getting it Dec 6th -8th) My SO wants me to wait until my period is 2 weeks late. I think it's because he's worried about getting dissapointed too. He was so upset when I came out of the doctors office crying last time. He had even told his close friends and was so excited when we thought that I was pregnant.
So Mr. Storky if you could please sprinkle a whole bunch of baby dust on me and bring me an early christmas present this year I would be so so so happy! Till next time.