Decaffienating your own tea

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I love coffee and tea and I hate the idea of going without them for so long. I just don't like the idea of decaf coffee, though I'm sure at some point I'll break down and get some and I'll probably find I don't miss the caffeine all that much, but for now, I'm a little too nauseous for coffee anyway.

My sister in law tells me you can decaffeinate your own coffee and tea by steeping it for 1 minute, pouring out the first batch, then steeping it a second time. Nearly all the Caffeine is leached out in the first steeping. French presses are perfect for this. I even use a mini one for my tea. Bodum has a coffee cup sized french press that doesn't work as well for coffee, too many grounds seem to get through, but it has turned out to be perfect for loose leaf tea. Of course, you can use any tea ball or basket. There are several websites that explain how to decaffeinate your own tea. Here is one. The amount of caffeine left in the second infusion/steeping is about the same amount of caffeine in commercially decaffeinated products.