deciding to have a baby

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Ok. so me and my husband demetri have decided to have a baby. last tuesday was our one year wedding anniversary and our two year anniversary being together total. he was actually the one who brought it up. i was shocked.

i have been wanting to have a baby since the day i met him. i knew that we were going to be together and that was it. i just knew. but he has been reluctant. and rightfully so. here we were 23 and 24 years old getting married. he had only been out of college a year and me two years. we had great paying jobs and wanted to be a little selfish for a while. granted, we haven't gotten to travel over seas like we wanted, because everytime we plan a trip, something goes wrong.

so we have spent the last two years buying all the things we wanted, except his new big screen, but its coming soon. we are currently in the process of buying a house. clearing up my credit was our first goal and its almost completed. we just have to raise my score a mere 12 points and we're good to go. i can't wait.

i never tried to push him into having a baby. which is why i was so shocked when he brought it up last week. we had talked about it in the past. he said he wasn't ready, and i said i was whenever he was. i let him ease into the idea.

we have 4 nieces ranging in age from 5 years old to 2.5 months old. the oldest three are actually my god babies. i have known their mom since we were 15. she is my best friend. she told me once that we were soul mates. only without the physical attraction. we were drawn to each other. i don't know where i would be if i hadn't had her growing up. which is why it only made sense for me to be her girls' god mother.

the youngest niece is my brothers baby. he and his wife married 4 days after me and my husband. only, they were quiet about it. sneaky devils. but little Elizabeth was born this past February. we were all worried about her since she was 13 weeks early, but she's tough. she has gained two more pounds and taking a bottle now. at four pounds, i keep telling my brother that she's a fatty. lol. pour kid.

so now, we're trying to get pregnant. i have started taking my basal temp and taking a daily LH test trying to figure out when i will be ovulating.