Did TIME Magazine's Breastfeeding Cover Go Too Far?

by Cassandra R. Elias

TIME Magazine's Controversial Cover Causes Conflict

Controversial TIME Magazine CoverTIME magazine's latest cover shows a three-year-old boy standing on a chair nursing from his mother. We can hear the gasps from some of you across the country with this one.

Do you think it's gross or over-the-line? Is attachment parenting and all that goes with it more common that we think? You tell us!

We have lots of articles that help define, explain and educate about the benefits of extended breastfeeding and attachment parenting.

Do we think it's strange, gross, disgusting or just plain weird that a three-year-old is still nursing? We're not really in a position to say or pass judgment.

Suffice it to say, we try to present an objective viewpoint so parents can make decisions for themselves and do what works for their families.

Moms who continue to breastfeed when their tots can verbalize what they want in full sentences do get ostracized, discriminated against or made fun of. So is it worth their struggle? Does the magical benefits of breastfeeding still make a difference at three-, four- or five-years-old? That is still being debated among experts.

There are lots of parents and experts out in the parenting sphere that swear by attachment parenting, the family bed and extended breastfeeding, including Dr. Sears. We hear about these common methods and practices in our communities and we read about them in online groups and bulletin boards.

It seems that the folks who stand to benefit from a little extra nurturing are the children -- is that such a bad thing?

How do you feel about the issue? Does it make you mad? Are you elated that TIME finally put this concept on their cover? Tell us what's on your mind!


The thing that bothers me the most is the title "Are you mom enough?" I could not breastfeed my son. I wanted to and tried with everything I had. I spent many days/nights crying because I wanted to breastfeed and knowing that it would be best especially for my premature son.

Some of my sisters breastfed their kids until they were 3 or so. I am fine with that.

I think the article while bring things to the forefront is doing more harm to mothers then good. We already feel guilt over so many things.

Just my $0.02.

I don't think this was the most effective way to showcase extended breastfeeding but it certainly started a dialogue.

I think it's interesting that they finally showcased this issue. What do you all think?