Dear baby,
My last menstrual period was on 15 jul 2009 and today is 17th Aug 09, was supposed to get my period on the 13th- am 4 days late!! took a home pregnancy test and lo ! shows a faint positive band !!! he he he am pregnant!!
the only symptom i have is sore, enlarged boobs!! my boobs ache even at the slightest touch and they are heavy as sand bags!! ah and i have a lot of yellow vaginal discharge.
Raghu seems cautious, poor guy, i know is HAPPY but doesnt know how/ what to show his emotions! He's taking good care of me.

Thank God and all our well wishers, some of whom we haven't even met. Thanks to their prayers we've tested positive just 2 months into ttc. Last month was our first month of ttc and baby, believe me, when i got my period on july 15th, i was shattered. i dunno why but i had the feeling we would conceive the moment we go off contraception. anyway, everything happens for something good.

The vaginal itching and redness has subsided but the discharge is still enormous- 4 panty liners a day!!

The doc thinks it's a bit early to detect you through an transvaginal ultrasound. so he has given me an appointment only on the 27th of Aug, that is 10 days froms now, meaning i would be finishing my 6th week and starting my 7th week.

Good luck baby!! grow well and come to this world soon. You have a lovely family waiting for you and of course a little sis - Ammu !!!

luv u,