Disrespect to the dads

There are so many words of encouragement to all the mothers who have lost a baby but what about the fathers? Is it not half theirs too? What do they get, make sure you take up some of the chores and don't get too freaked out if she bursts into tears. Oh yeah, she may not want to have sex with you because it's a physical reminder to what she lost. It's the same during pre-natal classes they call the husbands "support". No, he's the dad and has just as much to lose at the mother including his wife in childbirth.You have to give him more entitlement than that!
My husband is the absolute best, he mirrors me so well. I know he's probably feeling all the things that I'm feeling but I know he can handle whatever I have to share with him because he's my best friend and there is no one I'd rather talk to about this apocalyptic event than with him. What better way for a couple to mutually grieve than talk about it.
I love you dear husband, thank you for being such a supportive, loving and respectful husband.
I cherish our friendship and I'm in awe of our love.

Loving you always,
Your wife