Do We Care if Jessica Simpson is Pregnant or Not?

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by Bridgette R. Odom

In the Spotlight: Do We Care if Jessica Simpson's Pregnant?

It appears to be that Hollywood is busting their britches - with pregnancies! There's been a streams of adoring fans being "baby crazy" about their favorite celebrities. It's how the gossip columns stay in business - who is, who isn't pregnant right now.

Let's not forget the massive amount of attention that celebrity children like Suri Cruise, Violet Afflect, and Kingston Rossdale get by the paparazzi and rags alike.

Baby bumps and their dude dates are never going to die down in popularity. So why isn't Jessica Simpson bathing in "baby crazy" glory? The rumor mills have been shouting it out that she's pregnant with her first child with her fiance, former NFL player Eric Johnson. Another football player after Tony Romo...check. She's been wandering around town rubbing her alleged "baby bump." She's even been quoted saying, "It's true - I'm going to be a mommy!"

We find it coincidental that Tony Romo (her ex who also happens to be an NFL player for the Dallas Cowboys) announced that he "actually [has] one on the way" with his wife. Jessica's "baby crazy" glory all but vanished.

Jessica's dad, and biggest media cheerleader blames the media and their not wanting to "bite" at Jessica's story. It's rumored that Jessica is offering $500,000K to have it. Still no takers. So why no baby gaga treatment? Some say it's because we know who the father is. Others point to Jessica being a headline-grabber. She doesn't even seem to be able to drum up a good drama. Jessica hasn't done much lately but she still has a great line of shoes.

Most of the entertainment reporters say that we'll just have to wait until she just gives birth before she garners any baby gaga love. If she chooses a really weird baby name, that always makes headlines.

Millions of people on this planet have babies every day and she's one of them. It is kind of funny that the woman whose first marriage and divorce was watched in every detail on TV has lost her audience for the "possible" birth of her first child. Rather than worry about headlines, Jessica should just hunker down and worry about that baby bump to be. The headlines are bound to happen at some point.


Is Jessica having a boy? It appears that she may have accidentally given away the gender of her unborn little one in a recent interview.

As she was talking about her pregnancy, Simpson said, "My kid's going to think I'm pretty cool! This is a cool thing to welcome him to the world." Yes, she said "him". So does this mean she knows she is having a boy? Maybe.

And there are also rumors that she may be having twins! As she appears to already be thrilled to be expecting, we suspect she will be twice as happy to be expecting two!

Do you care about Jessica and her pregnancy? Shout it out in our comments!

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