Does This Come in My Size?

The Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo. My fingers got tongue-tied just typing that twister. Anyway, this toy is just as cool looking as it is cool sounding. I think that if they made one of these toys in my size, they could really make some dough. Actually, pretend you didn’t see that, I think I’m gonna copy write it.

So this jumperoo--basically a chair on bungee cords—has gotten rave reviews. Fisher-Price has really outdone itself on this one. Not only can your baby safely bounce up and down, as their feet touch the ground, but the seat itself actually spins around so baby can always see Mommy, as well as the toys surrounding them.

Attached to the seat are tons of toys that light up, make sounds, and play music. When Mommy gets a headache, the sounds and lights can be turned off. This product is different than other jumpers because it doesn’t require a door to be hung from. After some of the horror stories that I have heard about jumpers hanging from doors, I believe this to be a safer alternative.

Not only does this toy provide entertainment for babies, but it also has a lot of developmental benefits for your child. Fisher Price said that it can help to develop motor skills by giving babies the ability to move and jump, and they can also experience a variety of textures within the toys so as to provide tactile stimulation. Also this toy teaches baby cause-and-effect (when they push off the ground they bounce into the air), and the reaching and grabbing for the toys helps to train baby’s hand-eye coordination.

On this toy has received nearly a perfect score, and users raved that their babies were able to grow with the jumperoo, finding more uses for the toy as they developed. The toy is recommended for children who are old enough to hold their head upright without assistance, and for those young enough to not be able to climb out of the seat.

The toys hanging from or sitting on the toy also foster the development of your little one, without providing too much stimulation so as to dissuade them from the toy altogether. The zoo themed jumperoo has a hanging monkey and hippo so that babies have to reach and grab in order to play, a lion with a mirror on its belly to promote self-recognition, and many different textures for baby to experiment with.