Dr. Appointment

Had a dr. appointment this past Tuesday March 31st, 2009. It was interesting, dr. came in and of course asked how I was then as usual we listened to Mady's heart beat. Then he measured my belly and noticed how swollen my ankles and hands were. He then said he would see me in 2 weeks. This to me was odd considering the previous appointment I had the dr. informed me I would be coming in every week. But as usual I do not question their methods and said ok. He followed that by saying "Unless you have already started having contractions by then." I think my mouth dropped open in realization that this is it.. it's going to happen soon, very soon. I think I walked out of there with the cheeziest smile on my face lol.
My next appointment isn't until April 20th, I can't wait. I hope and pray they really are wrong about my due date and I do have her soon. I can't wait to meet my daughter!!!