Room for One More? 20 Kids and Counting for the Duggars!

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by Laura Sussely-Pope

In the Spotlight: Room for one more? Duggars hit 20!

Meet the Duggars>In case you haven't heard, <a href=The Duggars of "19 Kids and Counting" fame will soon become "20 Kids and Counting!" We are keeping the "and counting" going since nothing seems to deter the Duggars from increasing their clan.

The announcement came this morning on The Today Show. According to Michelle Duggar, "we are so excited!" She went on to tell TODAY Moms that she was actually surprised to discover that she's expecting again at 45. "I was not thinking that God would give us another one, and we are just so grateful."

One might think that after delivering her last child, Josie, last year, they might have decided it was time to stop having babies.

Josie was born 3 months early and had a really rocky start, including a perforated anus. It's no surprise that mom and baby went through a tough time. Rather than see this is a sign from the universe that "enough was enough," Michelle told TODAY, “When we look at Josie…even knowing that we went through the challenge that we did, we would do it again.” It really does make a person wonder. Is this a new brand of narcissism? Are the Duggars really that altruistic?

Imagine 20 people in your house -- all the time. Now imagine, 20 and counting with no visible end in sight. The other Duggar children, who range from 1 to 23, you'd think would be used to the perpetual pregnancy announcements. Not this time. Even Michelle and Jim-Bob admit that "their children's jaws dropped," and some of the brood thought they were joking. Perhaps it's time to lose the "and counting?"

We sincerely offer our best wishes to the Duggars and their newest addition and hope everyone is happy and healthy.

What we're left wondering is at what point will their reality show be able to stop changing names? For those keeping track, the show started with, "14 and Pregnant Again."

What do you think about this latest announcement and how it affects the Duggars and their community? Tell us in the comments!

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I honestly can't believe they are having another. Just because we're able to do something doesn't mean we always SHOULD do is why we have common sense and have evolved over other mammals!