The emotional rollercoaster

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Everything is normal at least so far in terms of blood work. The only number I know is my beta hcg and it's really good. So, that's one less thing to worry about today. I've decided after much crying and sobbing that pregnancy is going to be the most difficult roller coaster of my life. It is absolutely terrifying and is leading me to OCD. You know, where you check the toilet paper every time you go. Or feeling your breasts to make sure they are still a little sore. If it weren't me I would find it comical!

We're counting the days until our first ultrasound. May 12th. Seems like forever away; I've never been particularly patient. We're also trying to decide what testing we want to have done. Prenatal screening is a rather overwhelming process (seems to be the trend here in pregnancy land). A screening ultrasound is scheduled for one week after the one on the 12th, but we can cancel it if we decide we don't want it. We need to do some more research and have some more discussions about how this will all play out.

I am thankful that the ride thus far has been rather uneventful and pray that it continues in that direction.

Hey little bean - we get to see you in a few weeks and that is THRILLING!