Ernie Celebrates Rubber Duckie's Birthday!

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by Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Chatter: Ernie Celebrates Rubber Duckie's Birthday!

Today is Rubber Duckie's Birthday! Aside from Bert, Rubber Duckie has been Ernie's faithful companion for many years. We wanted to find out more about this interesting fellow so we delved a bit into his background and found some very interesting facts:

Did you know that:

• Ernie's rubber duck was "born" in 1970.

• The Rubber Duckie song hit Billboard's chart at number 16 the year it was introduced. It was even nominated for a Grammy Award for 'Best Recording for Children,' but it lost to 'The Sesame Street Book & Record,' which, ironically, also contains the song.

• The bathtub version is the most famous and commonly seen version. It was included in many videos, including Sing Along, Shalom Sesame, Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting and has been dubbed into many different languages.

• In 1974, Ernie sang the song as "El Patito," with a new Latin arrangement and Spanish-language vocals by Jim Henson.

• In 1990, a new version of "Rubber Duckie" was filmed using the original recording with Jim Henson as Ernie.

• Little Richard performed a rock-and-roll version of the song for Sesame Street.

• Bert sang the song once, in a sketch where Ernie wanted Bert to be able to sing to Rubber Duckie whenever Ernie couldn't.

• The Two-Headed Monsters sing the song to themselves in a sketch where they take a bath.

We tried to reach Ernie's representatives to find out what plans they have for Rubber Duckie's birthday this year but as we went to press, we had not heard back from them. Whether they will have a grand party or a quiet affair, we wish them a wonderful time.

Does your child have a rubber ducky? Did you? What is your child's favorite bath toy?

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Sesame Street: Ernie and his Rubber Duckie