Was finally able to get out and exercise tonight. Not sure if it is because I had a good dinner, or the temperature is finally a little cooler, or if I'm hitting the point where I get my energy back, but it felt good. My legs got a little itchy, which seems like a good thing. Something always seems to itch after a good workout. Glad I took the dog, since he is never boring, but we had a close call at the dumpster. I had no idea he didn't like them, and he nearly ran me into the corner of it pulling on the leash to get away. I have a couple scrapes on my hand and arm but should be ok.

We had our first ultrasound last Monday. SO nervous. But baby looks perfectly normal! You could see its tiny heart beat flashing away. It does not seem possible that there is a tiny human inside me. Still cannot believe it. The doctor pretty much agrees with Josh about everything, ie, I am FINE and should not worry about doing things once or twice that are on the bad list, especially since I didn't know they were on the list when I did them. It's not like I'm on crack or drugs or fighting MMA. She said the baby looks fine and we are doing great.

Can't wait to tell Mom and Gma. Hope they are not mad about not finding out yet.