Feeling stupid.

Ok here is the thing, I just recently got married about 9 months ago and we had planned on starting to try getting pregnant in August and I started taking folic acid about a month ago. However I noticed during my last period that it was way light and not the normal length. No biggie right? I started on wenesday and then it stopped on saturday morning when it should have gone til monday evening when it usually stops. I thought it was stress and my husband and I did stuff on sunday, before I took my pill. So on monday I got spotting early the next night and it stopped after about 15 minutes. No problem, then on monday I had my exam, was feeling ok was a little queasy took that as being nervous about the test fell asleep early. Tuesday I was still feeling nauseated and was cranky, took a math test thought that I was irritable from failing and was feeling really tired, went to bed early. On Wenesday I was still nasueated and had something to eat as I was at the college at 8am my stomach settled for a little and then was tired but stayed up to spend time with a friend and then went to sleep late. Today I have had naseau that will not stop, despite the rolaids and the food which helps a little but I can't be eating all the time and started having cramps about two hours ago. Plus I am warmer than heck and its not even warm in the house. I have checked and have most of the symptoms but I also do not want to have to go to the doctors again with my husband to find out that I'm not pregnant again....is there another way to do this other than buying a home pregnancy test?