Finally a confirmation!!

First, my hubby and I have been trying to conceive for about 3 months. We have two children, girls, and giving it one last shot for a boy. For the past three months I have taken multiple test, always the early detecters, only to be disappointed with negative results and finally down right sad when my period starts. My husband, Shelby, and I were begining to discuss if mabye there is a fertility problem. He had a stent put in a few months back for a kidney stone, and as painfull a process as that was he was starting to wonder if it "messed with the boys." When August arrived I noticed I was tired and just not feeling well, I tried not to get my hopes up but finally told Shelby my suspicions. He went right away to buy more test (Should have bought stock in EPT). I took the test and if squinting and holding up the test to the light a faint, okay maybe we only saw what we wanted to see, line showed up. That night after returning home from work I took the second test, yes the box he bought came with three, and the barely there, only seen with half closed blurry vision was a little less faint. Then I figured the next morning I would take the third test, can't possibly wait another secon, and since the first morning pee is stronger I knew my results would be real. Well, the little blue hazy line that I could see was still there and yet, maybe, a little darker. I called my husband and told him what I thought. He promised to rush home after work and check if he saw it also and text me right away. He saw it too, but as with myself the blurry bit of blue wasn't really enough for us to clebrate....yet. I called my doctor hoping to get in right away and take a confirmation test. Unfortunatly they said no but given my last period began on July 6th they would make me an appointment for the end of August for tests!!! Alittle more excited, the receptionist seemed to think my blurry haze of a lione meant something, I called my husband and he agree that maybe this was finally happening. At 6 o'olck we went to the store to buy, yet again, another box of tests. Your welcome EPT! But this time I bought a digital test that plainly told me either Pregnant or Not Pregnant. We were'nt taking any chances and I really didn't want to show up at my OB for her to tell me "Sorry, but you are not pregnant." We rushed home, got my two older children washed and ready for bed and I pee'd on m,y uptenth test, waited my 3 minutes watched that little hour glas rotate, and would have hjeld my breath but just ion case theree is a little baby in there, and....yay!!! Pregnant! By this time my husband was in bed sleeping, he leaves for work at 2am, but I jumped in bed kissing him and showed him the test. We hugged, we kissed, he said "Oh God, you'd think the nervous rock in my stomach about being a dad wouldn't have shown uo with my oldest being almost 9", I laughed and suddly frowned "Oh my god, I'm going to have to go through labor again", he laughed and we hugged some more.