Finding out!

So wednesday I went to the doctor to go get my yearly woman's check up. I was telling my doctor about some problems I have been having, and she suggested they do a pregnancy test on me while I'm there. Not even 10 seconds after she told the nurse to check my pee she came running into the room to tell me I was pregnant! I was shocked at first but it slowly started to kick in Oh my goodness I am really having a baby! I was so excited, so as soon as my exam was done my fiance came into the room to talk to me about what all was going on and I told him guess what I'm pregnant and he kept saying no your not there is no way. So the doctor came back in to give me lab work to go get my blood done and my prenatal vitamins. Well as soon as she walked in he was like how far along do you think she is, and she told him well since her test came back so quickly she has to be pretty pregnant so I'm guessing maybe 6 to 8 weeks pregnant! Not to mention even after I already took a test he decided he wanted to buy another one and watch me pee and see what it says surely right after i pee'd once again it popped straight up that i'm pregnant. We both were shocked in nervous at first on what we wanted to do, but finally came to conclusion that we are going to be having this baby! I find out tuesday at my first sono exactly how far along I am and when my due date is going to be. I'm so excited! This is my first baby and I just hope all goes well for me and I will be posting on tuesday once I get back from to doctor how far along I am and when my due date will be. This sure is an exciting time in our lives right now!