Finding out I am pregnant!

It was December 2nd, I had bought many of pregnancy tests before but they were all neg. My finace was at work and I was bored and all I could think about was how nice it would be to still have my baby boy. I had a baby boy on December 27,2008, his name was Xyler and he was such a beautiful, happy baby boy. June 19 at six months old, the lord took him from me. Xyler died of SIDs and my world came crashing down.RIP Xyler, mommy, daddy and your big brother all miss you dearly! I think it is a bleasing that god gave me a gift of pregnancy around what would have been my sons first birthday. My fiance and I have been trying since the death of Xyler. I was begining to think I wasnt going to be able to have the pleasure of pregnancy again, since 3 days after Xyler died I found out I had a misscariage. The purpose of this blog is to explain how gratefull I feel, and how happy I am. God is giving me a second chance!