finding out im pregnant

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so it's wednesday, I found out last friday that i'm pregnant.
I was expecting my period around the 17th like usual and it got to be the 20th and im like wtf you know, and then friday morning i was like, i had my period on jan 6th! i'm LATE. so i called my dr asking if any of the medicens im on can cause me to be irregular and they said no, to take a pregnancy test. yeah that scared me.
I'm 19 by the way, and I broke up with my jerk boyfriend two weeks prior to finding this all out. we dated for two months and he is scum.
so i took a test and it looked positive, i freaked and had my sister in law look at it and she said it looked positive too so a few hours late ri took the other, and it was positive also.
I called my mom up to the bathroom and we talked about it.
i went to the urgent care a few hours later with her, and the test was positive.
I'm so scared.
plus i'm over weight. i weight 200lbs and im 5'6" soo. i'm worried about that plus ive been LOOSING weight recently, now im going to have to look at a scale that says 250 whenever the most i have ever weighted is 217.
i have major depresssive disorder and bipolar so this is really hard on me, not to mention im scared im not going to be able to take care of my baby.
even though i know i will,
i loooovee kids more than anything i worked in a daycare all last year, and loved every second of it.
i'm just scared to be a single mom, my brother got his girlfriend pregnant a few years ago, my nephew will be two in june, and its hard for me thinking of doing this all alone, whenever my sister in law and my brother there all the time, taking care of her.
now im not literally alone, i live with my parents and my sister in law and my brother are around all the time and my brother is there for me, so but its still, "alone" yeah it sucks

oh and i told the ex boyfriend and first of all, he text messages me because he doesn't have enough balls to return a phone call, and second he doesn't believe me. i laughed at him and told him i dont care if he does cause im not going to waste my engery proving anything to him, so.
fuck him i dont care.

but yeah wow, this whole morning sickness is a joke, more like all day sickness,
i'm not puking but if eel like crap everyday, which reminds me, im going to nap