Finding out I'm Pregnany

So, today is january 5th and yesterday I took a pregnancy test that came up positive. My Boyfriend and I have been trying for a couple months now. I know we are not married, but we both feel ready to have a baby and will get married later. He doesn't have the money for a ring right now so we figured we would just put the marriage thing off.
I have been wanting a baby for a while. Drew (boyfriend) and I have been together for 3 and a half years now. I am super nervous to tell the family because it wasn't a mistake and I do not want to get judged since we are not married. I am 25 years old and Drew is almost 28 so it's not like we are too young to make our own decisions or anything like that.
We go to Chicago to visit my family in 2 week and that is when I think we will tell my parents about the pregnancy and then we would tell Drew's parents when we get back to arizona the following week. I'm really excited and nervous because it's obviously so early on in the pregnancy anything can happen still. Blog later!!!