First Baby!

I have only been married for about three months, and we became pregnant unexpectadly. I have been very physically active (I teach a high intensity Zumba class) and I exercise six days a week (before I became pregnant). I have been keeping that up because I know it is healthy to exercise during pregnancy, and my body is used to it. I just wanted to know when I need to cool it... I do not want to harm my baby ever!


Stay active, just don't over do it. If you feel tired rest don't push yourself. Talk to your doctor about your activities and get their opinion also. If you listen to your body you should be fine Smile

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Well like you said it's good to exercise during the pregnancy, but not like before. You have a high risk the first trimester of having a miscarriage due to the exercise, you have to cool it off a little bit, at a maximum of three times at week, and light weights, walk a lot because that helps your cardio and circulation, but don't run, and then, you will start feeling even more tired... I have 5 months and a half, and my 1st trimester was just fine, I wasn't tired, I wasn't nauseous or vomiting, I didn't even notice I was pregnant, until a couple of weeks ago, that every single day I became more and more tired, and with the need of taking break every time I have to do things at home. Hope everything will continue good with you and your baby. best of luck!