first blog

Well I've known for almost 2 weeks now. I've been sick since thanksgiving. I can;t seem to keep anything down. And when I do manage to find something that doesn't come back up, I get diareah. I've been soo tired. My boss is noticing it at work. He says that I've been "moppy" I don't feel like I'm getting any nurishment to not only myself but the baby too. I've been to the doctor once on the 8th and that was just to test. All they did was have me pee in a cup like I didn't do that twice already at home. I have my first real dr appointment on the 23rd. It seems like so far away. We've already told everyone. I hope that we didn't jump the gun and get to excited too soon. I know once I see that first ultrasound my fears will be gone. But it's still 6 days away...if they even do one.
Victoria my daughter is doing great with the whole thing. She has already tried to feed the baby by shoving a piece of french toast at my belly. I tried to explain that the baby gets his food from me. So she kissed the bread and gave it to me to eat. For being 2 1/2 I think that was a great respose from her. She has also read the baby some of her books. Only problem is she has been very clingy and that started the same week that I concieved.
I even took a test around the 17th of november, because of her acting different. plus I felt weird all week. Ofcource it came out negative, but I waiting for a certain something not to come on nov 30th. and by the 5th when there was no sign of it I decided to take another test. I got my possitive that I had been waiting a year and half for. I took another one the next morning and got another positive. Then I had to wait till monday morning to go to the doctor. Once they called my in to say Mrs. Garza your are pregnant I couldn't wait to tell the family since they all knew that we had been trying for so long. Well I better call it quits for now cause I'm actually hungry and know what I want to eat.