First posting

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Well I found out I was pregnant about a month ago. Was really excited about it and with the guy I had been dating. Seeing how we both seem to be on the same page, I'm still excited for the future.

My first appointment at the OBGYN was just a blood-test to make sure I was in fact pregnant and I think also to measure the levels of hormones in my body. I received a call back a few days later and scheduled my next appointment for a few weeks later, which was yesterday.

The appointment yesterday was a shock. We found out that we are having twins! So exciting. My first thought was, "Oh my god, I didn't want two babies." But as the minutes went by, I found that initial thought changing completely. I'm really excited for it. I'm secretly really happy for the possibility of not having to work and being able to spend all day being a mother. I would really love that.

I'm only 20 years young and my spouse is turning 25 in January. One of my concerns, not really too big of a concern, but definitely something on my mind is that my spouse was born with a genetic disorder where one of his legs grew 25 percent less than the other, thus leaving him with a prosthetic leg currently. He does fine with it; he runs, plays soccer. It definitely is not a defining characteristic of his. He's a great guy but I'm overall just curious if this will pass on to our children?

Well my pizza-rolls are done baking! I'll write more some other time and hopefully get to gain some new friends and information on this website. Bye!