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I'm new to this site but not to trying to conceive, I have PCOS and loved the site I was on with the other women who were TTC with PCOS... but the site gave me hope and let me down all at the same time, I would feel hope when someone got lucky and became pregnant after years of trying but then I would feel like there was no hope when it came to those who tried everything and still had no luck. I was always at a disadvantage for not having health insurance and ofcourse if I ever did, it didn't cover fertility or infertility. I have tried since I was 15 (as sad as that may seem) to get pregnant, long term relationship after long term relationship and had no luck. I never did take test when I was that young but I did miss many periods and become very enlarged in the mid section and since I was so small frame wise I always thought "hey I'm pregnant yay!"... only to find that my period would show up late (like a month or two or three late) and it would be so heavy and painful that I would swear up and down that it was a miscarriage, this happened so many times in my life that when I had two miscarriages my family stated that it had been a lie for attention and that I'd never been pregnant in my life, needles to say I was hurt. Recently as in about 4 years ago I started trying again and then 2 years ago I was diagnosed with PCOS and a bicornuate uterus, I tried herbs and home remedies of every kind to ovulate, I tried estertone, vitex, fertility blend, soy iso flavins and everything between. Recently I moved from Iowa to Enid and my luck changed, I got a better job and good insurance (which still won't cover the treatment) and found a doctor that informed me that the only reason vitex and other things that increased or included phyto estrogen gave me a cycle was because it thickened my lining to the point where it was so heavy it had no choice but to shed, she told me that having pcos is like having a flatline of hormones, there's no heartbeat and the only thing that would start one for me would be actual meds, she prescribed me progesterone and clomid, instructed me when to take both and told me to buy ovulation preditor kits. I ovulated on my own last month so I am to test for the next three days (for ovulation) if I ovulate I am to TTC for one week, take a pregnancy test on 02/20 and if its negative I will wait for a cycle if I don't get a cycle on my own by 02/26 I am to start the progesterone and when aunt flo arrives I am to start clomid on day three. My fiance and I are so excited! I have been hoping and praying for the best and glued to the tv watching a baby story and bringing home baby on my off days, here's to trying to become a first time mom Wink


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