First timer

It is an amazing feeling to know that God has chosen you to carry one of His miracles for 9 months. Me and my husband have been trying to conceive for over a year now. I have been diagnosed with poly cycstic ovaries and a fatty liver, and now am pregnant. It is amazing how He works, in His time we knew that it was going to happen. We were on fertility treatments, and they made me so sick, we never got the chance to see if they worked, and then my Dr threw out infertility at the age of 24... it was scary. But now, Praise the Lord, I am pregnant and so much to be thankful for. I can not wait to start to feel the baby and see the baby bump. I am still feeling nausious every now and then, and am about 5 weeks preg. I feel so exhausted all the time, and starting to crave such wierd things, lol... like today I wanted CheezIts and buttercream frosting.. its crazy.

We havent told any of our family yet, it is such a huge secret to keep in, and hard to keep in where this little miracle less than an inch long is so very long awaited and know that everyone will be soo happy to hear. But for any tips.. I will be more than happy to hear, since this is my first.