For C-Section Moms

This is my first time on this sight before. I just want to hear from ob/gyn professionals or moms out there who have had more than three c-sections and especially those who have experienced vertical c-sections. I'm 22 years old and I have three children and a daughter that I'm scheduled to have my fourth vertical c-section with November 27th. My first c-section was in 2005 due to fetal distress, the second was in 2007 scheduled, then my third in 2008 scheduled. I never had any problems before with my previous c-sections. Everything has always went rather smoothly but as my due date gets closer the more nervous I get of all the possiblities that could occur. I want to hear what anyone else out there has went through with multiple c-sections (good or bad) and if you are planning on having another one.