FOUR home pregnancy tests

I missed my period October 2012. I figured it was because of the visitors (my cousin and his new wife) we had living with us. I figured it was her cycle messing with mine - and of course the stress that I've been going through. I should have my period the first week of the month, so this month when it didn't come I decided to take a test over the weekend. After talking to my sister (stay at home mother of 3 boys) on 11/05, she convinced me to stop at the DollarStore and pick up a home pregnancy test. I caved and did. Picked up FOUR, just to be safe. hehehehe It was a long day (left work about 7:30pm), hard night (Mom was feeling bad), tough evening. I ended up still wide awake at midnight. My husband was already snoring in bed. I figured, good as time as any to pee in a cup. I took the first one, and BAM! two lines. I opened a second... TWO LINES. Now my hands are shaking and I go to the bedroom to wake up the husband. He drags his feet to the bathroom, looks at the two sticks and says "just test again in the morning." Not the reaction I was hoping for. But by the morning, he was ON BOARD! He wakes me up, "come on, go pee!" Two more tests, both positive. I spent much of the day at work scheduling doctors appointments. According to my calculations, I'm due June 7, 2013. This afternoon I will go to my first doctor's appointment and hopefully he can run a blood test and let me know for sure, for sure. So excited Smile Supposedly, I'm ten weeks pregnant and my baby is the size of a strawberry.


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Congratulations on your new pregnancy! I'll look forward to following your journey to parenthood and meeting your new arrival! You can connect with others due around the same time on our June 2013 Birth Club! Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance. You can reach me anytime at

Best wishes!

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Congrats! Please come join us on June 2013 Smile I'm due June 22 with my third. We have several lovely ladies waiting on the June board ready to share in the experience of it all.


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Ahhh... *that* sounds like an interesting story! Drop in our community and post on our Anything Board. The ladies there are terrific and perhaps can help you connect with someone in your situation. I do know we have had women become pregnant in all sorts of situations -- including after a tubal! Best wishes!