General Thoughts on our journey so far

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Okay, I'm new to "blogging" and might suck a little, because I'm not that great with putting my feelings into words and when I do it sometimes get out all wrong.

Let me start with where we are now. It's been 6 months after we had the SA. The urologist gave us 50/50 %, had a very normal sperm count, but allot was sluggish, dead or deformed. Also some sperm antibodies present. Urologist said it would get better in time and if we did not conceive in 6 months from then, hubby should return for treatment. So we will be trying again in 2 weeks, and then wait it out for another 2 weeks. If Mrs. Flow shows up, hubby to go for treatment.

In the meanwhile, I've been tested and checked out. My gynaecologist said that I'm baby ready, all is well and was tested positive for ovulation. I have a regular cycle of 32 to 34 days. She also put both of us on Stamino Grow. We have been going at it every month, with me charting and using about 6 different online ovulation calculators and doing my own math. No luck yet.

We have been laying of the booze, especially me. Hubby has been clean the last month. Eating healthier and trying to be fit and getting enough sleep. Generally trying to uphold a healthier lifestyle. But I guess the stress is getting to us.

Hubby started drinking to much a couple of months ago and he smokes too, and the more he drinks, the more he smokes. We realised it’s from feeling extreme pressure and feeling like a failure, because nothing is happening and it’s been putting a lot of strain on our relationship, resulting in us snapping at each other and the more we got at each others throats, the harder it got to do the Baby Dance.

So last month we realised our situation and took action. Husband is completely of the booze and on some medication to calm him and I am working on letting him feel like the wonderful hubby he really is. The doc said not to drop booze and cigarettes at once, because he will set himself up to fail at both. One at a time. So far it’s been a lot better; there’s been some peace in our home again. We can breathe again.

It basically feels like starting over, but this time not head over heals and being more focussed. I really hate Mrs Flow though. I’m still trying to get a solution on how to not feel completely kicked in the gut when the red lady makes her unwelcome appearance. I just keep telling my self that good things come to those who wait and that Jesus works at His own time. We must just keep the faith.

I’m actually hoping to meet some other TTC’ers from South Africa and I would really appreciate other stories on vasectomy reversal successes.

Good luck and God bless to you all and thanks for reading!