getting better?

well. the past week or so has not been easy. basically i feel like shit most of the time. haven't really been able to do anything but lay around all day. and try to eat so that i don't get nauseous. it's been a little scary - what if it stays like this the whole pregnancy? i'll never be able to get all the things that i need done. how will i work? but i'm sure it will pass. actually i've felt better these past couple of days. the mornings are the hardest, have to eat real fast because the nausea is strong. later i'm mostly so exhausted, and just have a general shitty feeling.
But hey? maybe this is becoming a thing of the past?
i hope so. i want to enjoy the pregnancy. and of course i want to finish all the school work and get ready for the MA...
oof, and there's so much more to do... get a job - will they hire me pregnant? find a place to live...
things will probably just fall into place.
having a baby