Getting pregnant at age 38+

Hi all. I am just about to get engaged to my girlfriend who is 38 years old now, turning 39 very soon. My girlfriend is very hesitant in regards to having a family together with me (in 1-2 years from now)...this is mainly due to the reason that she unfortunately had a stillborn child a few years ago in her earlier marriage. She was quite traumatized from this experience and had gone thru cognitive therapy to get out of her depressed state. I see often on now that women are getting pregnant much later in their lives, pushing into their 30s and some even in their early 40s. I am curious to know of all the risks with a pregnancy at this point in our lives. What can I do to get her over the fear of pregnancy? We recently had a birth control malfunction and had bought a pregnancy test to confirm if we were pregnant. After seeing that the results came back negative, she seemed a bit sad that she was not pregnant - we spoke about the fact that she wanted to become pregnant at that point. Her response was that her maternal feelings wanted to be pregnant. Any help, especially from women here who have become pregnant at 40+ would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much