Getting to the Mountaintop

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Several years ago, there were not many websites devoted to conception, birth, etc. when I was pregnant with my first child. I was forced to read pamphlets from my doctor's office, advice from older female relatives (being very careful because they are superstitious) and a generalized book on pregnancy that a friend had lend to me. So, imagine my surprise to find oodles of sites listed when I searched the Net simply using the word "pregnancy."

This availability of "stuff" makes me excited to be conceiving during the Information Age. Just by reading for several minutes tonight, I found out that my husband and I had been unwittingly doing "things" that have greatly decreased our chances of conceiving soon. We have to go back to the "drawing board." Not that I mind, but with all the literature I read during and after the first pregnancy (which, surprisingly, was very easy), there were things on this site that I REALLY DID NOT KNOW!

Recently, my husband and I attended a baby shower of an expecting couple around the same age group and I received a jolting suprise. I was shocked at how ill-informed the expecting mother (very educated and successfully professional) was to the basics of childbirth and infants. I mean, we stayed there talking for at least three hours after the shower about "what to expect from birthing at the hospital" and "what to expect from baby the first month at home". Didn't she have all that information at her fingertips?

A close relative of mine is newly pregnant and she had been researching cervical tacks, etc. due to her challenging medical condition. She had joined sites, read articles, chatted online with women who've had similar situations and has went so far as to visit a specialist that was recommended by one of these women on the sites. Talk about well-informed! Needless to say, she and baby are doing well and she is expected to deliver a healthy, bouncing, baby girl this spring.

My advice to anyone who is thinking of becoming a mother, the greatest career that God could've given us: get informed, stay informed, don't be afraid to ask medical professionals questions that you may have, don't be afraid to think outside the box and finally...go with what works well for you and yours! Have a Blessed day!